Murunga Tea
Green Tea
Lanka Sencha Green Tea is manufactured with the tea from specially selected cultivars of the tea plant grown on the foot of Adam's Pea, Sri Lanka's holy mountain and prime tea growing area in the province of Sabaragamuwa where the flavour differs from valley to valley. The elevation varies from 600ft – 4,200ft within a radius of 3 – 4 miles and the character of the tea varies from cup to cup.
The teapod is pure Ceylon tea, formed in to the shape of a pod. It is manufactured from finely selected fresh tea buds from special cultivars. Tea buds are processed immediately, manufactured and packed at the source, to retain aroma and real tea character. Chamwin Natural Foods with their over 25 year experience Teapod has been innovated as the Sri Lanka's first ALL natural tea tablet.
Murunga Tea
The Latest innovation of the Chamwin is Murunga Tea. Ever since the Ancient times in Ayurveda Moringa has been used for many purpose, be it for food, Medicine, cosmetics and many others.

There are so much Moringa Benifits, Specially when it comes to nutrition and Medicine and that is why it also popular called the "Miracle Tree".
Brewing Accessories
Brewing Accessories
It is required to brew the tea to get all the benefits and the actual taste of the tea. This is a very crucial factor for "Green Tea", which is to be brewed in the specified temperatures.

Chamwin have introduced specially designed "Chamwin Boiler", which is capable of heating the water to a temperature which can be set by the user.